The McMaster Family

Words that I would use to describe the McMaster Family? Classy, elegant, refined, sophisticated, loyal, caring. I had the pleasure of photographing the Catherine and Daniel McMaster and their three lovely grown children Emily, Mick and Kate. Kate’s husband Pete was also present for the portrait session. What brought this family together? It was a special occasion celebrating Daniel’s 70th birthday.

The McMaster family has a special place in my heart. Kate is an old friend and I have known this family for over 20 years. Catherine is one of the best cooks I know, she was my piano teacher and even played the organ at my wedding many years ago.

When Daniel retired from the MBTA in Weymouth, Massachusetts, he and Catherine moved their family to Barton, Vermont. Here, they built a successful Bed and Breakfast business, Our Village Inn, which eventually evolved into an Antique and Collectables small business. Catherine has always maintained her love for music and has been a church choir director and organist for over 40 years. Mick lives in Portland Maine and is a high school math teacher. Emily is married and has three children and resides in North Carolina. Kate is married to Pete, they have two labs and are currently focused on their careers and expanding their family.

Family is everything to the McMasters, it always has been, and always will be.

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