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I have a creative mind. One of the things that I love most about photography is creating a vision, then taking out my camera and bringing that vision to life. On the other end of that spectrum, I LOVE capturing life's beautiful moments without a plan~ seeing the raw real beauty that is right in front of me and capturing it as it unfolds naturally. Examples of both kinds of imageries will be some of the work featured in The Montgomery Center for the Arts first annual art show this coming weekend. I selected 3 of my earlier works to display in the themed show "Shifting Landscapes." My work showcases an changing emotional landscape in both my subjects and the emotions each photograph evokes in the viewer. I ordered this prints as big as I could get them and I LOVE how they look in print. I had only seen them digitally, in some cases for years, and seeing them in print for me, is when they became true art. Please enjoy the digital view below. If you stumble on this blog post before the show, you can view my works June 2-4th in Montgomery Center. Thanks for reading!!

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