Senior Model Team: Orleans County Fair Event

Being a Starr Senior Model is about more than having your portrait taken (and looking and feeling beautiful), it's about the entire experience and making your senior year unforgettable.

For our second shoot, we decided to go to the 125th anniversary at the Orleans County Fair. During our session together, I kept thinking how fortunate I am to be able to have a blast with seniors for a job! I'm so lucky.

Having grown up in Barton, this session brought back a lot of memories. I remember helping my grandmother sell tickets for the American Legion, riding the Divebomber with my older cousin Crystal and attending the infamous Demolition Derby.

We started our session at an old barn at the back of the fairgrounds. It was magical, and beautiful in its own way. We got some incredible shots of both girls and it was an amazing way to begin our adventure together.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos from our fair event. We found an old car, set up shop in the grandstand, the Army National Guard was nice enough to let Avery pose with all of their gear in their Army Humvee, we ate candy apples and toured the animal barns!

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