Our Lady of the Meadows

This holiday season our Senior Model Team decided to participate in a community service project at a local nursing and retirement home. Amanda Starr Photography collaborated with Michelle McCartney, a Montgomery baker, who generously baked for, designed and facilitated a cookie deocorating activity for some of the elders at Our Lady of the Meadows.

The elders enjoyed creating their own designs on the cookies and eating their creations as well! Jalyn Collins, one of our senior models from Richard High School, also helped assist residents with this activity and passed out hand made cards to the elders. I was so proud of Jalyn who not only passed out her cards, but took time to read each one aloud to the seniors.

Model Avery Vaillancourt from Enosburg High School also spent quality time with the seniors. Together, we visited Ave Maria, a beautiful community care home in Richford, Vermont. When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff and faces, the smell of meatloaf baking in the oven, and a warm holiday atmosphere. Avery began her service by passing out holiday cards to the residents, then joined in a card party with the elders. The elders certainly had the upper hand in the card game, but fun was had by all!

I am so happy that these senior models took time during this holiday season to give back to the community. A big thank you to Carol Willey for allowing us to visit the elders this holiday season, Michelle McCartney for baking and her service, and Jalyn and Avery who took time out of their busy weekend to spread some Christmas love.

Happy holidays to everyone reading this post!


Amanda Starr

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