Lake Willoughby

Back when I was a kid, Westmore, home of Willoughby Lake was a great place to go for hiking, swimming or jumping off of Devil's Rock and it still is all of those things. When I was prepping for this year's senior model team destination sessions, I thought that I'd take the girls to one of the coldest and most beautiful lakes around (to my surprise, on this August evening, the water felt warm).

We began with snacks and hair and makeup at my home in Montgomery. Kendall from Kendall's Hair Lab did the girls' hair, while Ashley Cross did makeup. Then we jumped in our cars and made the hour drive northeast to Willoughby Lake. Kendall and Ashley's sister Maci assisted on the shoot making sure the girls looked fabulous (and that unwanted shrubs stayed tucked away and out of images)...thanks ladies!

At the south end of the lake we found some nice rocks to pose on under tree cover to avoid the still harsh sunlight. Once the golden hour hit, we headed to the North End to pose in front of majestic Willoughby Gap. Please enjoy the photos.

Cassie, Christine, Megan and Hanna--you were missed! See you for our fall session!!

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