22 Degrees But Warm By the Fire

The much anticipated winter session was everything that we hoped it would be! This was the last planned group session with my 2019 models and I wanted to make it as special as possible...not only a photoshoot, but a memorable experience for the girls.

Dressed in warm coats, hats and winter boots, we ventured into the forest. We found many beautiful places tucked away as we traveled deeper and deeper into the snow covered forest.

After our second round of photos, the cold temps began catching up with everyone.

I knew it was the perfect time to bring the girls by the ice covered river and to the surprise I had waiting for them~a surprise that I knew would reanimate, refuel and reenergize!

Surprise! A fire, hot chocolate and s'mores awaited.

Now that we had established a base camp, we did a series of solo portraits of each girl, after their turn they would return to the fire to keep warm.

It was such a beautiful location, and such a wonderful time with wonderful people!

I hope that you enjoy the photographs.

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