What NOT TO WEAR on a during a portrait session

All of my portrait sessions begin with a complimentary style and concept consultation. Here I meet with my clients and I walk them through what outfit choices will look best on them for their portrait session. This includes the most flattering clothing for their figure, looks to avoid and how to tastefully coordinate looks for multiple individuals in a session (family, mother and daughter).

Here are the TOP five things to avoid when dressing for a portrait session.

1. Plaids, stripes and busy patterns.

While these looks are completely okay for the day to day, it is best to avoid busy patterns for portrait sessions. These distract the eye from YOU the subject, and when multiple family members are all wearing busy patterns it amplifies this problem. Keep it simple and wear solids during your shoot, you will thank me when the focus of your portrait is on YOU:)

2. Wearing clothing that is too tight.

You want to make sure that your clothing fits your current body weight. Dress for the body you have right now. Tight clothing creates bulges and bumps in all the wrong places, wearing clothing that fits properly keeps our lines flattering and makes you look your best!

3. Stains, wrinkles and clothing in poor repair.

Be sure that the items you select for your wardrobe are the nicest from your closet. If it is stained or has holes, do not bring it. Iron your wardrobe for your photoshoot prior to your session, let's eliminate those lines and keep the focus on you.

4. Jeans with rips, the trend.

Unless we are shooting your URBAN downtown look, avoid jeans with holes and rips. For example, if we are in a field and you are wearing a cute blouse with jeans, and there is a rip in the knee...the viewer's eye will go to the rip instead of the subject. I encourage my clients to wear a nice fitting denim without rips and tears during their shoot.

5. Dirty or shoes in poor repair.

Shoes matter. I find this tip is needed most for the boys and men. If you have a nice formal outfit that looks fabulous, dress your feet accordingly, and buy those nice closed toe shoes (avoid those sneakers). Furthermore, your shoes should look like new and be free of dirt.

I hope that you found this list helpful. The next time you have your picture taken, avoid these mistakes and dress for portrait success!

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