Zoom Calls~How to Make the Best First Impression

As you may know, I am a professional portrait photographer and it is my job to make sure that people look their best in their images! These days many of us are working remotely from our home OR conducting meetings with clients and other colleagues from our home or work offices. Read on to learn about some practical ways to look your best on these important video calls. Let me help you look your best when conducting business remotely.

  1. Be sure that your work or home space is free of clutter and as tidy as possible. Look, it doesn't have to be immaculate, but take care to pick up everything that can be seen by the viewer directly behind you. YOU and YOUR SPACE should look put together and professional. Things that will look good behind you include a tidy bookshelf, art work, a beautiful window that doesn't give too much back light or that is a distracting scene (people looking in the window, lots of nearby traffic), a neural blank wall, a clean home or space without personal belongings or clutter in the scene.

  2. Lighting always matters. When possible, I suggest setting up your work space in front of window with diffused light. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING when it comes to looking your best! The window light is best on cloudy days, if it is bright and sunny use a sheer curtain to cut the direct sunlight back. If you don't have a window, there are inexpensive lighting stands available for purchase on Amazon.

  3. Angle of computer, iPhone, laptop or iPad. Your device should be close enough to you so we can easily see your face. Also, more than anything, the angle of your device is most important. When I am taking a photo of most subjects, I am eye level with them. Too high and I'm looking down on them, even worse, too low and I am looking up their noses. Position your computer at eye level for the best results.

  4. Ladies, take time to make sure that you apply foundation and a bit of color to your cheeks so you look fresh and put together. Gentlemen and ladies, be sure that your hair is brushed, cut and styled~in short, make sure your hair, and you, are neat in appearance.

  5. Wear solid clothing to keep the focus on YOU. Busy patterns, plaids, polka dots and stripes can distract your viewer, avoid them when possible.

I hope that you enjoyed some easy ways to look your best. If you have any questions or want to chat more, please reach out to me.


Amanda Starr

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